At the international Formula Student competition, young engineers design and build their own formula racing cars. In various disciplines, construction, speed, performance and economy are decisive criteria for overall victory.

An increasing number of colleges and universities are developing and manufacturing their own lightweight racing vehicles every year. The young engineers rely on long-standing and reliable sponsors such as norelem. In close cooperation, norelem provides the Formula Student teams with their expertise, services and a range of quality products. In recent years, countless standard parts and components have been used in the racing cars of Formula Student teams worldwide. Although the competition is constantly evolving and no two seasons are the same, there is a suitable standard part for every vehicle and its individual requirements. Be it weight reduction or a completely new concept compared to the previous year, we support the teams with comprehensive and professional advice to find the right components. Thanks to modern logistics, the teams can look forward to the fast and short-term availability of the products.

In addition, the norelem ACADEMY has been organising the norelem Race Camp since 2016. The Formula Student teams can therefore prepare themselves in optimal fashion for the upcoming Formula Student competitions and really put the racing cars through their paces. How? By testing their vehicles under real conditions in all disciplines.

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VDI-Racing-Camp 2024 powered by norelem

From 20/06/2024 to 23/06/2024, our VDI-Racing-Camp 2024 powered by norelem will take place at the LaSiSe site in Selm. The event offers participants the opportunity to work on their vehicles and carry out test drives. To make sure that you don’t miss any of…

VDI-Racing-Camp 2023 powered by norelem

A total of 19 teams from various parts of Germany met at the VDI-Racing-Camp 2023 from 22th to 25th June 2023. The racing camp took place at the LaSiSe site in Selm and offered participants the opportunity to work on their vehicles and carry out test drives…

A look back: That was the VDI-Racing-Camp OWL 2019 powered by norelem

Buzzing electric motors, burning rubber and howling internal combustion engines could be heard on the Bilster Berg during the weekend of 14.06. to 16.06. On the race track, 19 Formula Student teams came together to participate in the VDI-Racing-Camp…

THE TEAMS 2023/2024


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