THE BIG GREEN BOOK Edition 2020 – the indispensable reference book with 60,000 standard and operating parts for every design engineer.

Even bigger, even clearer, even better – and that times two. That is because THE BIG GREEN BOOK Edition 2020 comprises two volumes of high-quality standard components combined into one large, user-friendly reference book. The norelem product catalogue is structured in line with the design steps, it uses a transparent logic for the article numbers and contains technical drawings and helpful tips for all articles.

See for yourself:


Although we have given our catalogue a new, shiny look, our quality and high standards remain the same. THE BIG GREEN BOOK Edition 2020 now comprises 60,000 articles, 98% of which are available from stock.

Did you know? THE BIG GREEN BOOK Edition 2020 is also available in print and as a practical USB stick – including all CAD data.

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